Friday, April 13, 2007

Linux gaming improves with Cedega 6.0

TRANSGAMING has released a new version of its Windows emulator the Cedega 6.0 which allows gamers to play proper games on their Linux machines.

Cedega is based on Wine and is available on a subscription basis, and it is designed to solve the huge problem that Linux has in getting into the home market, namely that it can't play popular games. Cedega is the main way that Linux geeks get to play World of WarCraft or Doom online. I cant wait for Cedega to build support for "LeftBehind" I'm not a big fan of Window.

This version of Cedega uses new technology and improvements to the existing engine. According to a company press release, Shader Model 2.0 support enables recent games to be played at the highest detail settings. There is also a better FBO implementation provides better overall graphics performance and compatibility with DirectX 9.

There are also improvements to the ALSA support to provide better audio and allow users to listen to their own music while in-game. There is also better memory allocator, coupled with other enhancements, to improve the performance of games.

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