Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Zero Touch Linux Server Packages
(every-thing's included, even the kitchen sink)

Linux users wanting a quickly-configurable Linux server image that could handle a number of enterprise computing tasks, might want to get the latest version of Zero Touch Linux in the test lab.

The free software package, produced by online security services firm Comodo, includes an array of open source software stacks, Web, e-mail, DNS, database, file/print and firewall. Comodo installs all the packages onto Linux operating system image, and offers the whole thing up for free. Past versions of the system used the Trustix Linux distribution — a highly-secure version of Linux often used on machines running Linux-based firewalls, IDS/IPS, or other critical systems. The latest iteration of Zero Touch Linux now includes pre-installed CentOS and Red Hat-based images.

Zero Touch Linux includes a GUI-based administration tool to configure and tune all settings across all the applications packaged on the server, with Apache Web server, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, IPtables firewalls and BIND DNS, among the services. A setup tool with the software also allows users to strip out packages unnecessary to the server's deployment task.

The software provides three levels of system access: Admin Level: for server management, Web site/domain creation and package installation; Domain Level: which allows for basic administration of services, such as Web, mail or database; and End User: which provides a simple Web interface, e-mail access (SquirrelMail is the Web-based mail server), and file uploading and downloading.

Get the latest software download for Zero Touch Linux here.

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