Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Balmer's Patent War

The Linux Foundation is preparing to defend any Linux user who is charged with violating Microsoft's patents. Microsoft's strong-arm, racketeering statements to Fortune Magazine yesterday stated that 235 of its patents are violated by various forms of open source code. There have been hundreds of cases against Microsoft that range from patent violations to anti-trust issues, why there is even a racketeering charge against the Redmond Mafia now. Three months ago a jury awarded a $1.52 billion patent judgment in favor of Alcatel-Lucent against Microsoft over the use of MP3 codices.

In another case, Microsoft was also found guilty in a $521 million patent infringement ruling over how Internet Explorer handled embedded content. It is Microsoft's software that is full of patent infringements and not Linux. In the past three years, Microsoft paid out more than $4 billion dollars in settlements and court awards for infringing on other peoples patents.

Microsoft is afraid of identifying any of these so called 235 patents because if they did, the Linux community would be able to show that their claims are invalid and unenforceable. Their claims are nothing more then an attempt to keep there anti-consumer monopolies going. After all, Microsoft Office is there greatest cash pig (cow). Microsoft is just trying to protect their crap-ware, because it yields $30 plus million a day. Just look at SCO, we all know what happened there.

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